There are quite a few problems that commonly happen with transmissions but figuring out the problem that is actually happening can feel impossible.  The transmission is a very complicated part of the car and because of the many interacting peices it can deteriorate a lot faster than the other parts of your car.  A few very common problems that happen to your cars transmission can be identified by noticable warning signs and knowing those signs can help you save money in the long run.

One issue that is very commonly seen and can easily can cause your transmission to fail is a leak.  Your cars transmission fluid is a lubricant but in an automatic transmission the fluid also acts as a coolant and helps transfer power from the engine to the transmission.  If this fluid is dark or burt then it needs to be changed but if it is low that means that there is a leak and your transmission may not be able to function properly.  Another problem many cars have is that the car may pause or delay before shifting into gear.  Many times this is caused by having an old clutch that needs to be replaced.

One very dangerous problem that can happen with your transmission is when the gears shift in or out of gear.  Your car may feel like it is changing gear or suddenly is much weaker than it should be.  This could be caused by the link between the gears being worn out and it means that not enough power is going to be transfered to the wheels.  Similar problems with the transmission can feel a distinct thump or your car may be struggling to stay at your speed.